VidCasterLive : Go Live Streaming With Pre-recorded Video on Facebook
A EZ Inboxer Add-on

It is not a standalone app, get EZ Inboxer to use this add-on. If you want a standalone version click here.

  • Make sure your server has FFMPEG installed exec() function is enabled.

  • Here you can see your activities at a glance. Your imported accounts, pages & groups count. Completed, pending campaign stats and also upcoming campaign information.

    If you get JSON error while uploading long video then set php max_execution_time, max_input_time, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize to long limit possible.
    For long video streaming set php max_execution_time, mysql connect_timeout & mysql wait_timeout to long limit possible, so that your server can process stream for long time.

    This is the form to add your facebook app information, you will get app domain, site url, valid oauth redirect uris needed to create facebook app here. Copy the urls and create your facebook app following the process below. You can create multiple app and can add but only one can be enabled at a time.




    FACEBOOK APP PERMISSION NEEDED : publish_video, publish_pages, groups_access_member_info, publish_to_groups, manage_pages, Groups API, Live Video Feature




    To get your API KEY and Cron Job command go to Cron Job menu.
    Copy the command and configure it into your server.