PageResponse - Auto Comment/Private Reply & Auto Like/Share for Full Page for Facebook
A EZ Inboxer Add-on

If you are here then you must know about EZ Inboxer,the base app to run this add-on that allows you to set comment auto reply and comment private reply for individualFacebook page posts. Then why do you need PageResponse? Well, PageResponse is a EZ Inboxer add-on that allows you to set comment auto reply and comment private reply with one settings for the full page. Imagine you have lot of pages & posting each day. We know it's hard to setup auto reply & private reply for each post individually. We are introducing this brand new add-on to solve this serious problem. The most important part is it replies within seconds.

PageReponse also has the feature of auto like your page's new posts as your other pages and auto share in your other pages. Auto like/share share only works for new posts and single campaign will work for whole page.

It is not a standalone app, get EZ Inboxer to use this add-on.

You can use same Facebook app you used for EZ Inboxer or can use seperate Facebook app if you want.

Use Same App as EZ Inboxer

Use Sperate App


Set campaign like EZ Inboxer. You can set generic/keyword based reply. Image/GIF/video comment available here. Comment hide/delete feature is also available. Remember that if you have enabled auto reply using code EZ Inboxer feature then PageResponse will skip that specific post.

Enable auto like/share campaign for a page. Choose pages that will share and pages that will like the enabled page posts.