IniReply: A EZ Inboxer add-on – Auto Reply of Comment, Business Discover & Hash Tag Search Tool.

IniReply is a tool for auto reply of comment of your Instagram business accounts, reply anywhere your business account is mentioned , get analytics of your business accounts, other business account discovery, and search latest & top post with Hashtag. It’s an add-on of EZ Inboxer.

It is not a standalone app, get EZ Inboxer to use this add-on.

All official APIs for Instagram works with Instagram Business Account. So you need to convert your Instagram account into a Business Account. To do this you need to connect your Instagram account with one of your Facebook pages according to the following video.

Connect Instagram account with Facebook page

There are three new cron jobs need to set up. Visit the Instagram Auto Reply > Con Job menu, copy the commands and set up to your server. Auto Reply, Business Discovery, Hashtag Search need cron job to work.